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ahs® is uniquely positioned to take full advantage
of a booming Workforce Rental Market through:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the overall dynamics of South Florida and its
    ​real estate market

  • Qualified team of professionals

  • Solid land banking with properties
    ​located ​in strategic areas

  • Independent financial strength
    ​with good investment capacity

Why ahs®

About ahs®

Successful development begins with understanding the markets and submarkets within a defined geography. Demographics, lifestyle trends, job creation and development costs fuel a perpetual balancing act of supply and demand, moving rental rates and occupancies from cycle to cycle. As an active local participant in the idiosyncratic South Florida real estate environment, ahs® Development Group draws on a deep knowledge of the forces that move markets.  This in turn drives the identification, vetting, and acquisition of strategic land assets.

ahs® views the preparation of land for development as a key source of value creation, and a crucial element in the successful delivery of high-end workforce housing products. As a full service developer, ahs® often acquires raw land with the intent of securing all required entitlements, including but not limited to: land use amendments, zoning changes, temporary and final platting (land development), drainage and environmental approvals, granting of access and/or utility easements, traffic impact mitigation, asbestos remediation, coordination of utility service contracts, provision of public works, negotiating, drafting, and recording of restrictive covenants, management of relationships with neighbors and neighboring property owners, and coordination of architectural and engineering design, ultimately leading to site plan approval and building permits. Executing on these activities requires a broad skillset, a knowledge of specific municipal review processes, genuine relationships, and a great deal of perseverance.

Once approved, ahs® further shepherds its projects through the construction phase. Engaged in oversight of construction activities, ahs® development staff serve as Owner’s Representatives to each construction project, creating a healthy dynamic of checks and balances within the organization. At the conclusion of construction, Owner’s Reps assist in coordinating Certificates of Occupancy and project turnover, setting the stage for Property Management to successfully lease-up and operate the property.

ahs® Development

Lake Worth Florida Apartments for Lease
Dania Beach Florida Apartments for Lease
Lake Worth Florida Apartments for Lease

ahs® Development offers a comprehensive approach to the real estate development industry and a new vision
​for South Florida’s growing Workforce Market through:

  • A deep understanding of strategic urban planning and development, and recognition of exceptional market
    opportunities In the right areas.
  • Deep knowledge of the overall dynamics of South Florida and its real estate market.
  • Taking a full-service approach by overseeing and controlling all aspects of our projects – from land procurement,
    ​project entitlements, pre-construction, general contracting, and property management.
  • Independent financial strength and investment capacity – no government subsidies, grants or public financing.

Princeton Groves Florida Apartments for Lease

ahs® Development Group, LLC is based in Miami, Florida, and focuses on developing South Florida’s housing market. Established in 2012 by a dynamic group of real estate development experts, with over 100 years of combined experience, we bring an innovative vision and new opportunities to South Florida's workforce families and professionals. We believe so strongly that middle class families help drive market activity and generate capital for our community that we fund all our projects through private equity and project financing. There are no government subsidies, grants, or public finances involved. Our deep industry knowledge includes project entitlements, construction completion, and asset management providing all of the necessary expertise for full-service housing solutions. From acquiring land to developing and managing properties, we are able to provide economic growth for communities and a stable living environment for medium income families. Our experience in developing housing, access to private financing, reinvestment program, and community engagement ensures the creation of long-lasting, vibrant communities.